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Allcock & Brown     Mike Ruff and Chris Saddler

Definition of a Gentleman: Someone who can play a squeezebox, but doesn't!

Roll up ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin and it is time for a costume change.

The marvellous inventors in music and purveyors of mirth, Allcock & Brown, are a handsome Victorian music hall duo with more than a lace handkerchief up their sleeves.

Their repertoire of comic ditties, monologues and sing along songs of days past is performed on piano accordion (Mike Ruff) and Anglo concertina (Chris Sadler). Classic numbers such as Pretty Polly Perkins, Mary Ellen and Old Brown Hat.

For more information go to the ALLCOCK & BROWN web site

Allcock & Brown     Mike Ruff and Chris Saddler

Click here to listen to a brief medley of some of their songs.

Music Hall with Allcock & Brown

  Allcock and Brown logo Allcock and Brown   Mike Ruff & Chris Saddler