Mike’s prestige band is Quicksilver, highly rated with top quality professionals who have performed at many of the finest venues and events. Match the quality of your event with the best around.  Variety, versatility and flexibility plus a fabulous sound.

English Barn Dances

Scottish Ceilidhs

Tudor Banquets

Jane Austen Balls

Jewish Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

with many stops in between

As a caller his versatility sets him apart whether by repertoire or style. He has dances from more than 500 years of history and more than 20 countries

Events range from Club nights and workshops for small groups to conferences and corporate events with hundreds of delegates and a large band. Mike is equally happy working with your band, his own band or recorded music.

Barn Dances

Mike Ruff and Quicksilver

Burns Night 2017

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07780 960903

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BRILLIANT Barn Dances.........and so much more
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