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GREAT Live Music, BRILLIANT Barn Dances...................when they are allowed

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Video and Audio

Care Homes, luncheon clubs and others

Music and Memories

• Lots of songs and tunes; and, you get plenty of chances to join in.

• Different themes for different events. Marching Through History

• Interactive performances and talks about the Dance and Music of six centuries. Minstrel Magic

• Add a bit of costume drama from the following characters: Pied Piper, Henry VIII, a Cavalier, a Georgian gentleman or a Music Hall Maestro.

Mike has travelled widely, he has brought back tunes from France, Italy, Scandinavia and many more. Always entertaining! with plenty of stories to tell. A fine singing voice and a virtuoso of the accordion.

What they said

 “I have rarely seen our residents so enthusiastic.”

“Most entertaining afternoon and they kept asking when he was coming back.”

“Mike’s range is astounding. Every time we ask for a new theme, he finds new materials and really enters into the spirit of things.”

“A real breath of fresh air to get everyone singing like that.”

Local rates around St Albans, prices from £75.

Been to Herts, Berks, Beds, Bucks, Kent and even Heathrow departure lounge.

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