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GREAT Live Music, BRILLIANT Barn Dances...................when they are allowed

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Mike has

 maypole graphicwritten the book

tmaypole graphicaught the teachers

tmaypole graphicaught the children

maypole graphictravelled throughout the land

and is still doing all of the above maypole graphic

One of England's maypole experts and there aren’t many!

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Maypole Training Workshops  for teachers

Suitable for teachers of KS1, KS2,KS3, & KS4 & community group leaders

Come and learn from the authors of The Maypole Manual,


You will be brimming with ideas to take back to your school or community group.


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Maypole countryfile live dancing the Barbers Pole How do you get a maypole in a Mini?

How do you get a maypole in a Mini?

Take the elephants out first.


Big dance 2012 Kensington Gardens ENB Open Age Group